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Samsung’s “The Wall” is Pushing Boundaries

I’m going out on a limb and saying that EVERYONE who loves gaming, movies, and technology in general has been sitting around for the last number of years saying, “I really want a 146 inch modulre TV from Samsung.” Well, all of our prayers have been answered, as Samsung officially unveiled The Wall during CES 2018, yesterday. While I joke about everyone wanting this technology, it is a rather impressive initiative from Samsung, one that I think will garner a ton of attention over the next few months. What does The Wall all offer? Let’s take a look!

If you don’t understand the inner workings of Samsung, one thing that you should know is that the company doesn’t only deal in physical technology you’d find in your home like TVs, surround units, phones, and more. They also work on tech for big corporations and companies around the world; one of these technological properties is the Samsung Cinema Screen technology, what you’d find behind some of your modern screens at movie theatres in your area. The technology that goes into those screens is what the company is using in The Wall, so right off the top, you know this MicroLED project is going to be a winner…and probably expensive!

While the current model is 146 inches diagonally, the company has noted that this size could expand to create an even more immersive, in-home experience, hence the term ‘modular TV.’. Even at 146 inches, however, most modern homes won’t have the room size or wall height to accommodate such a large display. There is a ton of important technical aspects about this TV which you can read about on CNET, but for the time being…would this be something you’d want in your home?



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