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Resident Evil Showcase – January 2021 (Video)

The Resident Evil Showcase just aired and you can just out the replay below. We also has some thoughts on the event too.

The Resident Evil Showcase was short but still interesting.

The most interesting thing about it, of course, was Resident Evil Village. A new trailer and some new gameplay footage was shown. The game looks absolutely amazing. The graphics are so stunning! Like Resident Evil 7, Village is in first person mode. It seems to work for this game though. The level of detail on the environments is really nice. And most important of all: Resident Evil Village looks super scary!

Resident Evil Village will be coming out on May 7, 2021. There will be a playable demo available for it today on the PS5. It won’t be available anywhere else. sigh. However they did mention that there will be another demo coming this Spring for all consoles. The demo coming out today isn’t the regular Village gameplay but it looks like it will be worth downloading for PS5 owners.

Another new announcement is that the game will be coming to the PS4 and Xbox One along with the PS5 and Xbox Series X. So current generation players won’t be left out of the new Resident Evil game! Thats pretty good news.

There were some mentions of some other Resident Evil projects. Nothing major but there will be a free multiplayer game that you can get if you get Resident Evil Village. Its based around the Legecy of Resident Evil and its third person like the older games. The Netflix Resident Evil movie was shown off briefly and some Tom Clancy’s The Division Resident Evil items were spotlighted.

Resident Evil Village was definitely the best thing about the Showcase. The game looks so good!

Will you be downloading the PS5 demo today? What about picking up the full game in May? Let us know your Resident Evil thoughts in the comments below!


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