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Mythwind | The Crafter | First Impressions

I wasn’t sure how different the various characters in Mythwind were going to feel, but after playing as the Crafter (and previously as The Farmer) I realized that these characters are all very different and have very unique mechanisms. Trying to keep track of everything you need to do in the first few rounds might seem like a lot, but The Crafter is very intuitive once you get going. Do I like them better than the Farmer? Let’s find out!

In terms of gameplay, I definitely enjoyed playing as The Crafter more than I did as The Farmer. There felt like a whole lot more to do each turn, so if you are someone who wants to keep busy when playing Mythwind, The Crafter is a great choice. I played this game with three players last night, and The Crafter was ALWAYS doing a lot more than The Farmer or The Ranger!

What I really like, however, is how the game flows as The Crafter, and how much there is to do during each player action. Sure, the restocking (adding some materials to your bag) and selling (removing materials from your production line) is pretty basic compared to all the cool things The Farmer gets to do (livestock, equipment, etc), it’s what comes after that is really enjoyable, and a really great puzzle as well.

See, there are a number of steps you do as The Crafter that happen every single round. After your restock or sell, you get to draw materials from your bag, enhance materials you already have in your production queue, and try to find the best possible way to finish requests from townsfolk and buy those valuable skill upgrades. Deciding when to upgrade something, when to start something new, and when to sell something for the various benefits (new request, increase prestigie, etc) turns into some fun decision making opportunities.

Sure, as we’ve said many times during our videos and articles about Mythwind, if you don’t accomplish something in one season, you can just do it in the next. However, there is something VERY satisfying about making everything work exactly as you need it to, so you can do what you want to in one season. And The Crafter ‘puzzle’ so far has provided the best and most rewarding experience in my opinion.

Components for The Crafter

I love the tray for the Crafter in that it works really well for storing all your pieces. Each piece in your assembly line gets stored right where you left it below the cover, and there is plenty of room for all the bits and bobs. I can’t say this is true of The Farmer, which I found a bit frustrating to clean up each round.

What I didn’t like about The Crafter tray is the workshop. You have a number of different slots for storing materials, and while in theory it should work really well, trying to see which materials I had in which step of the production phase became a bit of a chore. It’s not a huge problem, but one worst noting none-the-less.

Overall, I like The Crafter more than The Farmer and The Ranger (article coming), and while they are all good, I like the puzzle you work through as The Crafter the best! What is your favourite character?



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