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More Thoughts From Me: Happy 26th Anniversary Final Fantasy VII

Its been how many years since Final Fantasy VII came out?! 26 years?! Oh my god, I feel old. Okay, let’s talk about Final Fantasy 7!


I found out that its been 26 years since Final Fantasy 7 came out! TWENTY SIX YEARS. I feel so old.

Okay, Okay, let me think back. Sorry if I wrote about this before. Its an anniversary, so its time to dig back into how I first played this game.

I rented Final Fantasy 7 when it first came out. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it. The TV commercials I saw for it looked amazing but I had never been a fan of rpgs. Earthbound on the SNES being an exception to that rule. So I rented FF7 and…I was hooked right away. I had never seen anything like this game. At the time, the graphics were amazing. The gameplay was fantastic. You look at the game now and you go “Oh, that hasn’t aged well.” but back then, I mean, this was good as graphics got back then. Plus the gameplay and story were solid.

I got to disc 2 I think before we had to take the game back. So as soon as possible, I got my own copy of the game!

And I kept playing it and playing it until I got to Sephiroth at the end and! I got stuck. I was stuck at the end of the game. I couldn’t get past him.

I was stuck on Sephiroth until several years later when I finally tried again and I managed to beat him! Somehow, I had beaten Sephiroth.

The ending was total disappointment. I won’t tell you about it in case you’ve never seen it but it did not live up to what I had hoped for. I just didn’t like it at all. I still don’t like that ending. So it wasn’t worth the wait.

Even so, Final Fantasy 7 remains one of my favorite rpgs. Its also the game that, despite being so stuck on the ending, made me a jrpg fan. After I first played Final Fantasy 7, I needed to play all of the rpgs. I played every rpg I could get my hands on. I played tons of rpgs on the PS1 and PS2. I became a big fan of Final Fantasy and later Dragon Quest. I love Kingdom Hearts. I’m a massive fan of Square Enix overall, especially when they do a turn-based rpg. Its amazing that they still do some! I’m so happy.


Final Fantasy VII isn’t my all-time favorite FF game. Thats Final Fantasy X. However, Final Fantasy 7 does hold a special place for me. Its the game that started me off on my jrpg obsession. Without that game, I might never gotten into rpgs.

Happy 26th Anniversary Final Fantasy VII. Here’s to many more!

Oh and in case you did not know, I got to review Final Fantasy VII on the Nintendo Switch. I still can’t believe I got to do that! Check out that review here.

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. I feel so old right now.


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