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Heading West: A Look At World to the West for Nintendo Switch

I really liked Teslagrad on the Wii U. The graphics were very good and the gameplay was a lot of fun. The developer of that game, Rain Games, has a new game out now for the Nintendo Switch: World to the West. The game is set in the same universe as Teslagrad, however the gameplay and graphics are very different. I received a review copy of World to the West recently. My review isn’t ready yet but I thought I should share a sneak peek of this game! How do I like World to the West so far?


World to the West is nothing at all like Teslagrad. There are some obvious connections to Rain Games previous game right away (I’ll let you discover those for yourself), but graphics and gameplay wise, the two games are very different.

Teslagrad was a puzzle platformer, meanwhile World to the West is an action/adventure game with some puzzles here and there. The overhead view of World to the West will remind you of the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Much like Link, the heroes, as in more than one, will venture out into an interconnected world, explore, solve puzzles, fight enemies, and more.

World to the West is no Zelda clone though. It has its own unique identity. You’ll see that as soon as you start the game. The graphics in World to the West are slightly cel-shaded and each area you explore has its own look and feel. Oh and with Zelda you only have one character you play as, where as with World to the West you have four.

When you start World to the West, you’ll find yourself going through mini-chapters at first that have you taking control of different characters. There are four main characters in this game. Each one of them has their own unique powers and play different from each other. This adds a lot of variety to the gameplay of World to the West.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with World to the West so far. There are some challenging areas in the game, but nothing too challenging. The variety of powers and characters in the game are great. The areas you explore are really cool. I love this game’s graphics and gameplay. Though I really should also mention the game’s wonderful and unique soundtrack.

The music in World to the West is delightful. Each area has its own music and you just never know what the next tune will be. I absolutely love the music in this game. World to the West has good sound effects too, but its music is the real standout audio wise. There is just so much to like about this game.

Lately, I’ve been been addicted to World to the West. I play this game a lot and not just because I have a review to get done. World to the West is one of the best indie games I’ve played recently. My review is nowhere near complete yet, but I’m pretty sure this game will get a very high score. Please keep an eye out for my review. World to the West is a game that shouldn’t be missed.


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