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Growing Crops and Performing Magic: Wylde Flowers Thoughts

Wylde Flowers is a very unique and interesting simulation indie game for the Nintendo Switch. We just started checking it out and already have some thoughts on it!


Wylde Flowers, at first, seems like a normal simulation game. You play as Tara who moves to a small town to help out her grandma on her farm. So that means farming, fishing, and everything else you find in Harvest Moon like sims. But then, find out Tara’s grandma is a witch! So is Tara!

During the day, you grow crops, interact with the locals, fish, an more and at night, you learn how to perform magic. This unique double life that Tara lives makes Wyde Flowers more interesting than it appears on the surface.

You’ll be crafting a lot of stuff, some normal (places to build crops) and some not so normal (a desk to write spells).
The magic portion of the game is especially addictive and while the game’s clock does go fast, sometimes you will just find yourself waiting until its night time to get back to the magic part of the game.

We’re hoping there will be a spell to speed up time and maybe a spell to quick travel too. The town you are in is small but there is still a lot of walking to do. Hopefully a quick travel spell will become available at some point and you’ll use the map to get back to where you’re going quickly.


The normal sim elements of Wylde Flowers are not boring at all. The town locals all have their own unique interesting personalities and you’ll want to build up your friendship with them all. And fishing in this game is really good. You will need bait but otherwise, its very easy to fish and addictive too. Farming and mining all have interesting twists too.

So far, Wylde Flowers is a really good game. We’re just in the beginning of our adventure and can’t wait to see what other secrets the game holds.

If you want to see Wylde Flowers in action, check out Adam Roffel’s videos on the game here.


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