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Fallout G FUEL

Being a huge fan of the Fallout franchise, naturally I was excited to get my hands on this collectors edition. Our friends GFUEL know for providing us energy and hydration have been stepping up their game. GFUEL has been releasing top notch collectors editions to please any fan. Taken from GFUEL’S website, this is what they have to say about the new Fallout drink.

G FUEL Nuka Cola® Quantum is sugar-free and packed with antioxidants from 18 different fruit extracts. Each serving has only 15 calories and contains 140 mg of caffeine plus proprietary energy and focus-enhancing complexes. Be sure you purify your water for any nasty contaminants and then shake up this fresh concoction of fruits of the past, coconut, lemon & lime, pineapple and berry!


I still can’t believe it’s been 25 year’s of Fallout. I spent many hours in the wasteland and hoping for future success of the franchise. When I unboxed this bundle of joy from GFUEL I instantly fell in love. Upon my first taste of Nuka Cola Quantum I knew this was one of my favourite flavours. I use the Fallout shaker daily as it’s the perfect size and looks fantastic. I immediately placed the lunch box on my collector shelf it’s a good size and was made with quality.

The next collector edition on my radar is one of my favourite games of all time Conker’s Bad Fur day! Sweet corn here I come.


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