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Angry Birds Rio Update Launched, More Incoming


More than two years on, Angry Birds Rio has probably been lost in the mess of Star Wars spin-offs that the top casual franchise has released in the time since, but that’s not stopping the developers from releasing an update to celebrate the release of Rio 2.

It’s no small things either. If you were thinking a new background or a couple of additional skins, you’re way off the mark. Four new episodes will be released over the next few months, each containing a number of different levels. The first episode, Rocket Rumble, adds an absolutely massive 26 new levels for no additional cost. If you already have Angry Birds Rio on your Android or iOS device, it should have updated automatically in the last few weeks, and the new levels are now available.

Rio 2 stars the likes of Anne Hathaway, Jamie Foxx and Tracey Morgan and is a continuation to the 2011 box office hit Rio. The Angry Birds tie-in was popular when it first launched, and I suppose remains popular enough that Roxio would consider putting time into additional levels. Although there doesn’t seem to be an exact timeline for the next set of episodes, it’s fair to presume that they’ll all be released between now and the American release date of Rio 2 (April 11th).


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