New Clip of Kingdom Hearts 3 Coming Soon

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Kingdom Hearts 3 had a brief showing earlier this year, but it was hardly enough to make up for the long wait since Kingdom Hearts 2′s release in 2005. Don’t worry though, we’ll have another short glimpse of the game next week, Tetsuya Nomura has revealed.

There’s a Kingdom Hearts session at Disney’s D23 event, on the 14th October. The video will be shown at some point between 3PM and 4PM. What the clip will show is unknown – if it’ll be more gameplay or if it’ll be cutscenes – but most people expect it to be rather short (if only because Nomura has said multiple times that they’re not very far into development).

This was confirmed ahead of a PlayStation “Conversations with Creators” video. Nomura said that he’d spoken a little about the game, but not as much as some will have been hoping.

I still don’t have much information on KHIII that I can release to the public, but I spoke to the extent I was able. Please enjoy the interview, along with part of the new clip that will be released at the event this month.

If you can read Japanese, the post is below:


It’s also possible (maybe even expected, at this point) for Nomura to announce Kingdom Hearts 2.5 at the D23 event, which will contain Kingdom Hearts 2, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep and a video-only version of Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded.

Thanks to Neogaf user Exentryk for pointing this one out.


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