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Internet Users Try to Play the BAWSAQ


Internet users everywhere are attempting to play the BAWSAQ, Grand Theft Auto V’s Social Club-linked stock market. They hope to do this by buying cheap stocks in their thousands around the same time, causing the value of them to go up and big profits all around. 

By doing this, some are hoping to see returns of twenty to thirty times per share – an amazing increase when you consider they probably hold hundreds of thousands of shares. This’ll make getting money in Grand Theft Auto V – a fairly difficult affair for the most part – incredibly simple for those that are willing to follow online trends, but it’ll be interesting to see how many people manage to make their millions this way. This week’s big earners seem to be Pißwasser and Hawk and Little. The earlier you buy, the more you make.

I can’t imagine that Rockstar considered that people would work together to play their in-game currency system in this way, and not in the amounts that people seem to being so. It’s great publicity though, lots of people talking about BAWSAQ and everything related to it, so maybe that was the plan all along. I know one thing though: this time next week, we’ll all be millionaires!

Check out /r/GTAVstocks to keep up to date with the latest stock trends in the game. There are also threads occasionally popping up on Neoseeker, at the GTA Forums and GamesFAQs, if they’re more your speed.


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