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First Public Impressions of Beyond Two Souls are In


Thanks to the GameStop demo, the public have had their first home-based experience of Beyond Two Souls, the Ellen Page-led thriller from Quantic Dream. It didn’t take long for people to start sharing their opinion either, and those with pre-orders will be glad to hear it’s largely positive.

Most people seem to think it’s a step up from Heavy Rain, the QTE-driven title that sold very well but which became something of a joke for Sony detractors at the time. Although it’s very similar in play style, it’s not so obvious and is a little easier to control. 

Here are several early impressions from people at Neogaf:

Rei no Otaku:

I really liked the demo. I liked the way the controls on the right stick work. It’s still QTE stuff, but there’s no button prompts. You have to follow the movement of the character and hit the stick in the right direction. Story is definitely interesting so far.


Controls much better than any other Quantum Dream game that’s for sure and it looks great.


Looks fantastic and runs so much better than Heavy Rain. All those pics used to demonstrate the detailed faces are accurate as well. 

For more, check out this thread at Neogaf.

More than one person has said that the opening mission will leave you feeling rather emotional, so that’s something to look forward to as well.

Early reports say that the demo runs in at around 40 minutes, and that you’ll have to explore multiple areas. That’s rather detailed for a demo, and I do wonder if it’s to re-tempt those that disliked Heavy Rain, especially if there’s any truth to the reported 10 hour runtime of the full game. Almost 10% of a game is heavy-handed for something so story based, and it’ll be very interesting to see if it pays off.



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