Saints Row IV Demo now available

Volition have released a demo of the upcoming Saints Row IV to the PS Store. Well, saying it’s a demo is a bit ambitious. The short, yet oddly large (roughly 1400MB) demo gives players a chance to create their character in anticipation of the game’s full release in two weeks.


Create wild and wacky characters using the robust creation options. Fiddle around with settings such as gender, race, skin color, height, weight and even their sex appeal with a slider adjusting the size of the male’s ‘package’ or the female’s bust. Equip them with a wide variety of over the top and wacky costumes such as a gimp suit or even a virtual reality outfit complete with flashing LEDs.  Once you’re happy with your Frankenstein (and let’s be honest, we’re never truly happy), you can upload it to the server and access it again when the full game hits retail on August 21st.

After my short hands-on with the demo I gotta say I wasn’t all that impressed. I didn’t see anything different from the SR3 Creation Station, and I noticed quite a lot of duplicates from Saints Row 3.

The demo is available now on the PS Store and the full game releases to Xbox 360 and PS3 on August 21st. We had a hands-on with Saints Row IV earlier this year – check it out here.

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