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Nintendo Disable YouTube Comments/Ratings on 2DS Reveal


It’s fair to say that the 2DS reveal has garnered mixed reactions. Some love the idea and are especially excited at the potential this has for their children, others see it as ugly and not cheap enough. Nowhere will this have got more out of hand than on YouTube, and that’s only evidenced by the fact Nintendo have disabled comments and rating on the 2DS reveal trailer.

There is, of course, no official word on why that might be. This isn’t the sort of thing that gets a press release. We can only guess based on current reaction.

It would be too easy to write this off as an attempt at saving face after too many people reacted badly to the idea. Sure, a video with a ton of red marks around it and negative comments underneath probably wouldn’t have done much to help marketing the 2DS, but with over three million views, I can’t believe that was the reason. There’s no way that a significant enough portion of that number hated the 2DS enough to warrant turning off ratings.

Instead, it’s probably safe to presume that the commenters did what YouTube commenters do best: turned on the charm.


Either way, it won’t necessarily look good for Nintendo, who have now closed one of the only direct forms of conversation between them and the people that call themselves their fans. You can still comment on other videos and the anger doesn’t seem to have seeped anywhere else for the time being.


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