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Zombie Vs Plants Isn’t What You Think


Popcap’s Plants Vs Zombies is one of the biggest casual titles in the world. There were always going to be clones and “influenced bys,” but one indie developer has gone one step further. He’s turned the tables, letting players get revenge as a gun-toting zombie in Zombie Vs Plants. There’s only one question: how long till EA shut the whole thing down?

Each stage in Zombie Vs Plants has you ricocheting bullets from various surfaces, taking out as many plants as you can in a single shot. It’s a format that’s almost as tried and tested as the Plants Vs Zombies thing, and one that doesn’t really benefit from the Popcap inspired reskin. Still, early reviews of the game are positive and the vague mention of “plants and zombies” in the description doesn’t set off too many SEO-style alarm bells.

The intellectual property notice is a bit of a laugh though.

From the description of the game:

The rules for this zombie game are simple – aim and fire and hope the bullets will go your way! The bullets bounce off everywhere, try using as less as possible to finish with the bloody monster plants in this extremely fun arcade shooting game! This is a real plants war – if you are stupid, plants will end you!

This bullet hell game is easy-to-handle but hard to master! This addicting game full with plants on a zombie farm has 150 levels, all of which are special in their own way. Try solving the puzzle of monster plants and passing all the levels with max number of stars! But beware, ammo is limited. You will need to be cagey and clever in order to be successful in this physics simulation game. Believe us, it’s a tricky puzzle game, and every time you involve in solving the level, you will be brain training! This shoot ’em up immerses you in the world of crazy stupid zombies and plants where your goal is to shoot those bloody monsters plants!

Zombie Vs Plants is available on the Google Play store. Get to it before EA does.


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