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Michael, Trevor and Franklin: 3 faces of GTA 5

Rockstar have released three trailers introducing the three heroes of Grand Theft Auto V. While many publishers may have chosen to spread the videos over time, Take Two and Rockstar have decided to unveil three simultaneously, putting the shot focus on an important aspect of GTA 5: there are three protagonists. Each have their own part in the plot, and stories will intersect as you play. The player will be able to move from character to character whenever they want.

While it is too early to know if the gameplay will differ from one character to another, each character has a distinct personality.


Michael is in the middle of a full mid-life crisis, a father searching for his place between children who do not respect him and a woman who cheats on  him constantly. This portion of the game follows the descent of a man who seeks by all means to prove that he exists, and who chooses to give expression to the anger and chaos that lie within him.



Franklin shares a lot of similarities with CJ, the hero of GTA: San Andreas. Of course, the two characters share the same city, which makes it an obvious comparison, but the presence of the gang and an escalation from one way of life to another is very similar as well. 



The third playable character of GTAV is the famous Trevor. Famous because he represents the free electron of the game, the wild card. Crazy and uncontrollable, Trevor is a former pilot who bathes in drug trafficking. Guided by his desires, Trevor may be an attempt by Rockstar to seduce lovers of Saints Row series, which is known to be unbridled throughout. What is certain is that Trevor has already won a lot of support from players who love his unpredictability.


Rockstar have done everything to put the three protagonists on an equal footing, although it seems inevitable that they will not all have the same level of popularity amongst players. Trevor, Franklin or Michael? If you had to remember one of them , who will you consider as the iconic character of Grand Theft Auto 5?

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