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New Forza Horizon Achievements Hint at DLC Challenge Mode

Only a few weeks after the end of the season pass, evidence of a new DLC pack for Forza Horizon has surfaced. A set of achievements, most of which mention either medals or challenges, have turned up and certainly seem to imply you’ll need to do an awful lot of work if you aim to get them all.

leaked forza achievements


Although nothing has been officially confirmed, the new achievements add up to a total of 250G, and if you paid for the season pass, it’s probably fair to expect you’ll need to pay extra if you want this new content. You’ll need to drive a variety of different vehicles to get everything, although the nature of the challenges themselves are a little hazy. This could either be very time consuming – you have to complete a race with 146 cars – or VERY time consuming – you need to complete specific challenges with 146 different cars.

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