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First Image of Call of Duty 2014 Released


IGN and Sledgehammer have released an image of the next Call of Duty, supposedly from in-game footage. Call of Duty 2014 has yet to be fully revealed, although it was confirmed earlier this year that it would be made with a focus on new-gen consoles. Perhaps the release of this image, with its rather excellent texturing, is a continuation of that.

But, I hear you cry, this is Call of Duty. Why should we believe that there been such a huge improvement over last year’s Call of Duty: Ghosts? This is the last game in the franchise to made on the two year development cycle, but that doesn’t mean that improvements to the old engine and better knowledge of what they’re working with couldn’t result in a much smoother PS4, Xbox One and PC experience. Whether it actually happens or not is yet to be seen, although it’s not the sort of thing that’ll stay quiet for long. CoD-skeptics are always ready to point out the flaws in a reveal trailer, even when those flaws are barely noticable.

So long as the multiplayer remains relatively strong and the single player provides an energetic if not especially memorable eight hours, Call of Duty 2014 will be well worth picking up for fans. Just so long as they fix those eyes, if the release game looks anything like the picture above, it’ll be an improvement over last year.


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