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More Thoughts From Me #61: The Fate(s) of Fire Emblem

With Fire Emblem Echoes on the way, I thought it would be a great time to look back at the Fire Emblem game that came out before it: Fire Emblem Fates. I was a huge fan of those games and they made me a huge fan of Fire Emblem. Why did I like Fire Emblem Fates so much?

I bought all three Fire Emblem Fates games: Conquest, Revelations, and Birthright. My original plan was to only buy Conquest. But I played Conquest, beat it, and wanted more. I bought a cart of Conquest but then I got Revelations at a cheaper price via the eshop. Once I beat that game, I wanted to play Birthright and so I got that. I admit I never did beat Birthright. I got distracted by other games by then. But I loved all three games! Fates made me a Fire Emblem fan.

Fire Emblem Fates had everything that I love about video games: great gameplay, fantastic stories, and cool characters! I especially love how Fates mixes rpg, strategy and even has a bit of a sim in it. Everything about the Fates games is great. And each of the games, while sharing the same characters, feels unique and well worth playing.

I had no idea that I would want to play all three Fates games at first. I thought I would just be happy with Conquest. But after how dark Conquest was, I wanted to see what would be revealed in Revelations and eventually I wanted to see how different Birthright was too.

To get the full Fates storyline, you really do have to play all three. Well, at the most you can get by with playing one of them plus Revelations. The full experiance of Fates is pretty special though. I’d love to go back and beat Birthright one of these days. Not sure if I’ll do that anytime soon though. I’m counting the days till Echoes.

Fire Emblem Echoes isn’t exactly like Fates. While it looks like it’ll have an epic storyline like Fates and also feature the classic strategy gameplay, this time a bit more rpg elements have been added into Fire Emblem. I love that Echoes will allow you to roam around dungeons and towns.

As much as I love Fates, I do wish that game let the characters visit towns & dungeons too. The closest it gets is letting you roam around your base in Fates (I love the base building element of this game!). Oh, speaking of which, I hope Echoes will have a cool home base for the player to build up. I am prepared for disappointment on that front though. Overall, I’m really excited for Echoes. I loved Fates and I’m ready for more Fire Emblem gameplay!

Did you like Fire Emblem Fates? Which verison did you play? And what do you think of Fire Emblem Echoes? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Next week: I hear that Sony will end production of the Playstation 3 soon. I use to own a PS3. What were my favorite games on the system? Do I have any favorite memories related to the system? I take a look back at the Playstation 3 next week!

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