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Five Years On: Resident Evil 5 DLC Hits Steam


It’s been nearly six years since the two DLC episodes for Resident Evil 5 were released on console. Now they’re finally coming to Steam.

Lost in Nightmares and Desperate Escape both got a decent amount of praise when they were released with fans praising the tenser atmosphere Lost in Nightmares above that of even the main game.

Both packs, as well as Mercenaries mode and a whole host of extras were released as part of a gold pack which is currently available for £11.99/$14.99.

Lost in Nightmares deals with the mystery of Jill’s death and what happened on the night she and Chris were seperated. It really is worth playing if you’ve never had the chance before and are a fan of the characters involved.


Desperate Escape is a less interesting adventure, but still worth checking out. It puts you into the shoes of Jill and Josh Stone during the closing moments of Resident Evil 5’s story mode. You fight waves of monsters on your way to help Chris and Sheva battle Albert Wesker.

The Mercenaries mode puts you into the shoes of some of the franchises favourite characters, including Barry Burton and Rebecca Chambers. 

Both these packs are currently available on Steam.


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