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New Dark Souls II Trailer Released

Dark Souls II Art

It’s fair to say that news surrounding From Software’s upcoming epic, dark fantasy action role-playing game, Dark Souls II, has been rather slow as of late, but it seems today is our lucky day. From Software have released a brand new trailer showcasing never before seen bosses, and providing an English dubbed voice over that offers hints in regards to the new world’s plot and lore.

While there is still plenty of mystery surrounding the game, and what kind of challenge it will present when compared to its predecessor, from what has been seen so far Dark Souls II certainly seems to be coming along nicely.

The last two games in the franchise, Demon Souls and Dark Souls, became cult successes after people on the internet cottoned on to just how difficult they were. It became almost a right of passage, with some feeling like “better” gamers for having struggled their way through the entirety of it. It’s a franchise that proves, some might say, that a game needn’t be simple or made too commercially to be successful.

Dark Souls II is slated for release world wide in March 2014, but for those of you eager to witness the horrors to come, you can check out the brand new trailer above.


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