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Indie Dev: Nintendo are “Very Supportive” of New Developers


An indie developer have said that Nintendo are “very supportive” of people working on games for the Wii U. They also provided a brief look behind the curtain at just how Nintendo’s indie relations work.

In an exclusive interview with GamesReviews’ own Adam Roffel, Jérôme Labbe of Carbon Fire Studio discussed the advantages of working with Nintendo on their latest console.

[Nintendo] are very supportive. Their Wii U indie program is open to anyone, and I think they did everything right to encourage people to create games on Wii U.

They will quickly answer any questions a developer has, and will provide efficient help when you’re stuck using the tools they are providing to develop your game. Of course you have to do the communication about the game by yourself, this is not Nintendo’s job.

Talking about why Carbon Fire Studio chose Nintendo over other platforms, Labbe cited the trust he has in the brand, and the great support they offer newcomers.

To my knowledge, only Nintendo accepts developers with no prior video game development experience. They just want you to quickly start developing for their system. Also, they offer a free Unity Pro licence! We thought developing for Wii U was a good opportunity to get noticed, because the eShop is not yet crowded like the App Store or the Google Play store.

Carbon Fire Studios first game, Flappy Bird clone Frenchy Bird, will be released soon on the Wii U. The full interview will be published later this week.

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