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Puzzle/Platformer Hue Is Out Today

A new puzzle-platformer called Hue came out today for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. We have a press release below that will give you all the details!   ” Beautifully Illustrated Puzzle-Platformer, Hue, Emerges Today with Flying Colors from Curve Digital   Synthesizing Style, Substance and Story, the Award-Winning, Color-Shifting Indie Game Aims to Brighten the Worlds of Players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam   LONDON – August 30, 2016 – Color me out now! Established indie game publisher…

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There Will Be A 3DS Nintendo Direct On September 1st

Nintendo announced today that they will be having a 3DS focused Nintendo Direct on September 1st. Read on to find out what games I think they’ll show during the Direct.  Nintendo will be holding Nintendo Directs globally on Thursday, September 1st. The North American Direct will take place at 9am central time. The Direct will be focused exclusively on 3DS games. Nintendo has confirmed there will be no talk about the NX. I doubt there will be any mention of…

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Objection!: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice 3DS Demo Impressions

I’m not a Phoenix Wright fan. I’ve tried the demos before and I just didn’t think the games were that good. And yet, I keep downloading the demos. I’m not sure why. I suppose it has to do with my love of adventure/rpg/puzzle games. I keep hoping that I’ll love one of these Phoenix Wright 3DS games. So I downloaded the new Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice demo. What did I think of it? Did I like…

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#Nindies Get Ready to Jam In September And Beyond

The Wii U has been home to many indie games since the system came out. The 3DS has also been home to some cool indies too. But Nindies, as Nintendo indies have been nicknamed, are only getting started this year! Nintendo released a press release and a trailer today showing off Nindies that are coming next month through December. Its a very impressive list! We have Nintendo’s press release, the trailer, and my thoughts on the Nindies below. We have…

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Binaries Review

I thought I was good at multi-tasking when I played Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons , and having to control each one with half a side , of the controller , but that’s until I played Ant Workshop’s Binaries, because oh man did it make my mind spin. Binaries is a game by Ant Workshop , in which has you controlling two balls , both at the same time ,through 101 levels. Their’s nothing special about the controls in…

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