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Tetris Effect Demo Impressions

If you like puzzle video games (maybe even if you don’t), then its very likely that you’ve played a version of Tetris. I’ve played a lot of Tetris games. I still own Puyo Puyo Tetris on the Nintendo Switch and play it once and awhile. You would think after so many Tetris games, I’d be tired of the series. Tetris always draws me back in. And the upcoming Tetris Effect may be the neatest version yet. I played some of the demo on the Playstation 4 today. Here are my thoughts so far on Tetris Effect for the PS4.

A weekend trial demo for Tetris Effect came out today via the PlayStation 4 digital store. The demo is playable in 2D on the Playstation 4 and in VR. I do not a VR device, so I played the demo in 2D on the PS4.

The gameplay at the core of Tetris Effect is the same gameplay we’ve seen from Tetris since the start of the franchise. Basically, its very addictive and fun. That said, there are some new cool elements added to it on the visual and Dualshock rumble side of things.

Visually, Tetris Effect is amazing. I’m not into VR, but I can imagine how amazing this game must look with that device. Even in 2D, Tetris Effect is mind blowing. The usual Tetris blocks take on different colors for different levels and its breathtaking. All the particles and effects outside of the Tetris levels are a little bit distracting, but not too distracting. The whole visual style of Tetris Effect is fantastic.

Then there’s the Dualshock rumble in this game. The Dualshock controller does a lot of rumbling during this demo and it really draws you into the game more. With the visuals and the rumble, Tetris Effect is a unique game in the franchise. Whether you have VR or not, check this game out!

My impressions of this demo are just not doing it justice though. Playstation 4 owners need to download this demo now.


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