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2018 Hardware Gift Guide

With the holidays quickly approaching, GamesReviews is putting together their various gift guides! Below you will find information on our favourite hardware items from 2018. All of these devices have been used by, and reviewed by, our staff, so you know you are getting honest opinions, and hopefully, enough information to help with your purchasing decisions.

Google Pixelbook

Although a year old, the Google Pixelbook is a great gift for anyone on your list, or perhaps just for yourself! This beautiful machine brings the best of Google to a laptop/tablet near you. This 3-in-1 device is perfect for getting work done, watching your favourite Netflix movies and shows, or kicking back with a few games of the Google Play Store.

This wonderful device is available for as low as 999.99 in Canada, and the optional Google Pixel Pen is available for 99.99. While the pen is not necessary to the functionality of the chromebook, it does bring extra benefits to the table that you won’t want to miss out on.

Blackberry KEY 2 / BlackBerry KEY2 LE

Both the BlackBerry KEY2 and the BlackBerry KEY2 LE are excellent cellphones that aren’t going to provide the most punch in terms of speed and graphical fidelity, but will give you the security of the BlackBerry network with the convenience of Android. Both phones are priced incredibly well, and for the money, provide more than enough benefits to a potential owner.

This won’t be your go to phone for gaming, pictures, or Netflix, but it is definitely a great tool for the business world, including fantastic security. If you’ve been a longtime BlackBerry owner but strayed away because of the lack of apps, now is a great time to return to the fold. With the physical keyboard, this will likely put BlackBerry back on the market!

Google Pixel 3 XL

We reviewed the Google Pixel 2 last year, and loved almost everything about it. Google is back and better than ever in 2018 with the Google Pixel 3 and the Google Pixel 3 XL. The hardware takes major leaps in terms of screen size and resolution, camera capabilities, and so much more, making the Google Pixel 3 a great alternative to the other major cell phones on the market.

For those operating in a Google environment such as myself – with numerous Google Home devices, the Google Pixelbook, and the Google Pixel 3 and accompanying Charging Stand – having access to this fantastic phone will give you more control over your smart home, all from the palm of your hand. If you have a tech fan in the family, you cannot go wrong with this device!




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