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Download The Difference: A Splat The Difference Preview

I always look forward to a new Lightwood Game’s eshop release! The developer always creates quality games. When I heard they were creating a spot the difference 3DS game with download play included, I was very interested in it. Lightwood Games recently provided me with a review copy of this new game. It is called Splat the Difference. My review isn’t ready yet, but I thought I’d give you a preview of the game! How am I liking Splat the Difference so far?


Splat the Difference presents players with a simple, often challenging game.  The player(s) have to figure out what the difference is between two pictures: one on the 3DS top screen and one on the bottom screen. Sounds like it would be easy right? Well, these differences can sometimes be very small and hard to catch, so the game is not always easy. And the game is even more challenging when you have a time limit and have to find the differences quickly. I wasn’t a fan of the timer, so thankfully there was Casual mode for me!

Casual mode lets you take your time to find differences. The only problem with Casual mode is that it keeps going on and on and on. There’s no real way to lose in Casual mode and when you’re tired of spotting differences, you just have to quit. Still, I enjoyed this mode more than the quick paced timed modes.

There are more modes, but I’ll talk about them in my review. For now, there is one other very big thing I’d like to talk about in this preview. Download play is in option with Splat the Difference. With this mode, only one player needs to have a copy of the game. The player with the copy downloads a temporary copy to another player. Some info is saved on the second player’s 3DS so that the download for Splat the Difference will be quicker the next time you play 2-player!

Download play works very well. I played some 2-player with my dad and we had a lot of fun. We did the Casual mode, because neither one of us likes to be rushed. The only problem with 2-Player casual is that a game of this will just on and on (like single player) so you just have to quit when you’re tired. Unfortunately, the multiplayer in Splat the Difference has no options for setting time limits, round limits, or score limits. I like the download play mode a lot anyway, but some options for round limits at least would have made the multiplayer even better!

Splat the Difference is a fun game though. We are having a blast playing it. We liked to see who could find the differences in each round. Single player seems fun too. I still want to play Splat the Difference a bit more, including playing more rounds of the multiplayer. We’re going to have play the timed modes a bit in multiplayer to see how that works out too!

I will tell you all about my experience with Splat the Difference when my review hits next week.

Splat the Difference is now available on the 3DS eshop!

Have you played Splat the Difference? What do you think of the game?


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