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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo Direct

A Super Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo Direct was livestreamed earlier today. I wasn’t expecting much out of this to be honest. By the end of this Direct though, my jaw was on the floor. Check out the Direct below and then come back to hear my impressions of this one. Warning: there will be spoilers for the Nintendo Direct!

Simon Belmont is coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate?! This awesome reveal was just the beginning of the Smash Bros Nintendo Direct. Not only that, but Alucard is an assist trophy and Richter Belmont is an echo fighter. Plus, that Castlevania Smash stage looks amazing.

After this first reveal (which included the death of Luigi!!), we got new details on echo fighters, stages, assist trophies, and more! And it all ended with King K. Rool being revealed as another fighter.

Overall, this Nintendo Direct was pretty great. I’d say it was better than Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s showing at E3 even. Without a doubt, this will be the Ultimate Smash Bros game.

What did you think of the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct? What was your favorite thing shown?


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