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Could the Nintendo NX be the Mobile-Console Hybrid We All Crave?

The news surrounding the latest console from Nintendo has been fascinating to say the least, mainly because so little has actually been discovered about it, despite various rumours doing the rounds.


Luckily however, the last few weeks have provided us with tons of new insight, although it has done little in the way of calming our growing excitement; the Nintendo NX seems to be shaping up to be a truly unique and game changing device.

Out of all the information listed, the most interesting is that this will be a mobile-console hybrid, something which has never been fully realised within the industry just yet. What this means is that we’ll be able to play cartridges as well as the applications swarming our smartphones. There are even articles suggesting that a line of smartphone titles specifically designed for the NX are on the horizon, which of course will turn everything on its head once more. Either way, it seems as if we’re all about to get the ultimate console, the hybrid we’ve been waiting for for so many years.

Returning to gaming titles for the moment, the shift to adapt titles and create their own seems logically when we take into account how the majority of big gaming brands are starting to do so – Nintendo already has Pokemon Go, with Sony and Microsoft looking to add their own adaptations onto the market. By introducing consoles games onto alternative platforms, all three of these companies will be able to appeal to a larger audience of gamers, and in turn their revenue should grow.

The move to branch out also makes sense given how popular online gaming has become, and how our mobiles have become our primary gaming accessories. You can also comprehend the decision when you look at Coral’s latest big giveaway games, for they create a sense of excitement that isn’t quite matched by that of console titles, mostly due to the chance of being able to win money and make use of special offers. Although the big three gaming giants are unlikely to dominate the market in the same way as gambling brands do, they will be able to take advantage of the markets continued growth.

Until the release of the Nintendo NX we can do little more than look at the predicted specs and speculated designs, and dream about what might be. Do you think what we’ve learned recently is all true though, or do you think more surprises are in store for us yet?


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