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Touring Inkopolis Square with @AbdallahNation

We are slowly creeping towards the launch of Splatoon 2, and this morning the preview embargo lifted for the game, which means a bit of video content is sure to hit YouTube! Unfortunetly, our review copy hasn’t arrived yet – although it should be soon – so our preview coverage is limited to what we have seen online. As always, we’ve again partnered with Abdallah, a Nintendo of America Partner who will be doing a ton of Splatoon 2 streams in the coming weeks. If you click his banner at the bottom of this article, you can head over to his YouTube channel and subscribe. We’be embedded his latest video for you to enjoy, and broke down a few of the things he looks at!

Since the first Splatoon, the Town Square has definitely gotten a lot bigger, with a bunch more stuff to do, which is great for those looking to kill some time between matches. As detailed in the video above, you can buy new gear and weapons, play a rhythm based arcade title, and do some pretty sweet stuff with compatible Splatoon amiibo!

When scanning amiibo into the game, you are given two options. The first is to save gear to an amiibo that you can than carry to any other Nintendo Switch and load in your character – great if you are heading for a tournament! The second thing you can do is take pictures with your amiibo around Inkopolis Square using the capture button on your Pro Controller or Joy-Con! It’s definitely a frill of an add on for amiibo support, but I think it speaks to Nintendo commitment to leaving no stone unturned when putting this game together. If might be small, but Nintendo knows some people will definitely enjoy it!

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