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Taking To the Jungle in Far Cry 5 DLC

One of the better addition to the Far Cry formula with the launch of Far Cry 5 was the host of additional characters within the game that you genuinely cared about. So often I felt myself wanting to know more about a specific person, their back story, and how they ended up in Hope County. And thankfully, through DLC, Ubisoft has allowed us to get some perspective on these other characters, and the first DLC pack takes us from Midwest USA to the jungles of Asia!

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Enter Wendell Redler, a Vietnam veteran with a crazy past, which thanks to the Hour of Darkness DLC, you get to play through! When loading into the DLC, you will be transported from the fields and farms, rivers and mountains of Hope County Montana, and dropped into the jungles during the Vietnam War. And viola! You are a younger Wendell Rendler, the lone survivor of his crew, who now must find his mates and escape.

What you were doing in Hope County transfers over to Vietnam quite nicely, however, making sure the core gameplay elements are consistent across both arenas. There are people to save, outposts to capture, and much more. You’ll just partake in all these things within a brand new environment! Even Guns-For-Hire recruits are back, but instead of your favourite Hope County residents, you’ll instead have the services of your platoon group, after you rescue them of course.

While it won’t take you a long time to finish up with this DLC – the Hours in the title of Hours of Darkness is actually a good representation – everything is interesting enough to keep you engaged. The environment itself is phenomenal, complete with jungle cats, weird noises in the bushes, and even propaganda spewing from radios strewn around the map. It feels very authentic, which adds to the suspense and enjoyment all the more.

Other new features are also introduced here, most importantly a focus on stealth kills. As you preform these kills, you will unlock time sensitive perks like better and faster movement. Get spotted by enemies, however, and your perks will wear off. It’s a great way to encourage stealthy combat, but as with all Far Cry experiences, it is never required.

If you own Far Cry 5, and you are longing for similar gameplay with a slightly new feel, Hours of Darkness is the perfect way to extend the life of your game a few hours. We highly recommend it!


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