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“Die” In Dreams: A Look At Suicide Guy for Nintendo Switch

Have you ever died…in your dreams? Have you ever wondered…”If I die in my dreams, do I die in real life?” Ok, obviously todays preview article comes with a Trigger Warning. If talk of suicide, even pretend, in your sleep and doesn’t really happen suicide, bothers you than do not read this article and do not play Suicide Guy for the Nintendo Switch. This game isn’t about suicide but the guy does die in his dreams, over and over and over again. Lets take a look at this game!

Suicide Guy for the Nintendo Switch is a very odd game. I’m still not sure what to think about it and my review isn’t ready yet. However, I thought I should give our readers a look at this game. What do I think of it so far?

In Suicide Guy, a normal guy is sitting on his couch and he keeps falling asleep. In his dreams, he wants to wake up and the only way to do that is…TO DIE! Ok, not really die. Just die in his dreams. He’ll die in some pretty creative ways.

Suicide Guy, at its heart, is a puzzle game. There are puzzles in each mini “dream” (level) that you have to solve in order to figure out how to kill your guy and get him to the next level. Some of the puzzles are pretty simple, while others are complex. One moment you’ll be getting off of a train in order to get hit by the train, the next moment you’ll be in a temple solving multiple puzzles in order to get to the spike trap that’ll “kill” you.

And there are some homages to other games in Suicide Guy too. I won’t spoil them. If this game sounds interesting to you at all, you’ll want to be surprised by some of these dreams.

Overall, the game is interesting and some of the puzzles can be tough. I think I like this game but I’m not altogether sure. Suicide Guy is a unique game though. I don’t think I’ll ever seen anything like it!

Suicide Guy is out now for the Nintendo Switch eshop. I will try to have my review for this game next week. Stay tuned to!



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