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5 Business Lessons that you can draw from Rummy Games

Games and sports are aimed at developing good sportsmanship, camaraderie among players and of course healthy competition. Besides fostering good health and a competitive frame of mind they have been pivotal in augmenting certain skills within us that are very helpful in our personal life and business pursuits too. Rummy is skill game. Likewise, business activities are based on your ability to understand your environment, your competition, their moves and how you choose to act/ react to any developments in a business scenario.

It may sound poles apart, but there are certain decisive lessons that you could draw from rummy games which prove helpful to your business activity.


  • Alert to your environment


Whether it is a game of rummy or your business it is essential to be alert. When you play rummy online you need to keep a close vigil on your opponents’ moves. They throw hints about their game objectives and the strategies to achieve them. Similarly, in business, you need to keep a close eye on what’s happening in your business environment – be it your competitors, customers, partners or the government.


  • Judge your opponents


At the online rummy game, the first couple of moves of your opponent will give you a fair idea about your opponent’s competency – is he skilled, amateur or just a flash-in-the-pan kind of a player. This proves crucial in every move that you make. Likewise, in business too, knowing whom you are pitted against will help you gauge the degree of complexities to expect in your business. It will help you be very proactive in your business giving very little room for your competitor to establish an upper-hand over you.


  • Strategies lead to success


Neither business is a game of chance nor is rummy. Both depend on your ability to draw strategies that steer you to success. While in a game of rummy any card picked or discarded by your opponent gives you clues about their melds, it is your strategies that you formulate will help you succeed. In business too, your ability to draw long term and short term strategies define your success path.


  • Agile moves


To succeed in rummy, it is imperative that you are very agile with your moves. You need to develop capabilities to quickly comprehend situations and decide your subsequent action to counter your opponent’s moves. In business too, your agility will help you be a step ahead of your competition. You need to possess the ability to think rationally and act quickly. In business, if you are an ace in your pace, then you may be unstoppable.


  • Patience is vital


Regardless of what you do – run a business or play rummy, patience packs the punch. Your patience to hold on your nerves, observe your opponents and their actions will take you a long way in your objective. As in rummy, acting on impulse without forethought may cost your game itself. In business too, impulsive actions could have detrimental and have irreversible effects on your business.

Play your game thoughtfully

Business or rummy, it calls for playing your cards sensibly. Rummy is not just another card game – learn valuable lessons worth a lifetime.


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