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The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Episode 3

When I reviewed Episode 1 and 2 of A New Frontier, I was somewhat critical of how quickly Javi was presented to the players. As a new character, I had hoped this back story – mainly the issues with his family – would be explained better to give us a better understanding of his character. Now I see why they didn’t.

Episode 3 picks up right where episode 2 ended, and this time around, we are getting a few “Oh S**T” moments. As a result of a few causalities within the group that need to be addressed, Javi and the gang end up at A New Frontier were they meet up with Javi’s *****…you didn’t actually think I would tell you, do you?

The problem with Episode 1 and 2 were the characters that we were given to play with. Throughout the first few hours, I didn’t really care about any of them; that slightly changes in Episode 3 with the revelations that I won’t touch on here, but you begin to see the other side of Javi and the rest of the survivors.

Things at A New Frontier are not great when Javi arrives. The group stationed here is led by multiple individuals, some of who are engaging in questionable raids on peaceful settlements around the area. This obviously leads to some great conflicts between Javi’s group and the others, with the central statement of “It’s for the greater good” being incredibly important.

The twist in the Clementine story line also continue to play out here, and I’m often left wondering why Telltale didn’t continue her journey, but rather choose to setup a new group, with new playable characters. One can only hope that we might get a spin off mini series of episodes where we get to travel with Clementine and see how she ended up at A New Frontier. This episode does a good job of laying the groundwork for some of that story, but not being able to play it is somewhat disappointing in the long run.

Reviewing these Telltale games is often very difficult because you don’t want to spoil the story, the driving force behind these games. If you were a bit let down by Episode 1 and 2 – as many were – there is a lot of redeeming qualities here to bring you back into the story, and get you excited for what could possibly be a crazy finish.

Episode 3 of a New Frontier is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam. Episode 4 launches today, and we will have a review up shortly.

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