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More Thoughts From Me #115: Build Those Lego Worlds

I’m a huge fan of the Lego video games. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before. So Lego Worlds for the Nintendo Switch really interested me. I had held off getting it for awhile but when it was on sale recently, I couldn’t resist anymore and snatched it up. Here are my thoughts on the game!

Lego Worlds is a building game much like Minecraft or Dragon Quest Builders. However, unlike those games, you will build things with Legos. You are also given a lot more premade buildings and things than either those two games I mentioned.

This game absolutely has a style of its own. Its not just a Minecraft clone. There is a lot of the trademark Lego humor in the game, plus a neat galaxy map with different planets to explore. Lego Worlds has an Adventure Mode and a Sanbox mode. There is some DLC to get for the game too. And the game is fun, though there are some things I wish were better about it.

Lego Worlds has several tools that you unlock that help you through the games modes. These tools unlock really quick, a bit too quickly in my opinion, and the Adventure holds your hand for a little bit and then just casts you out on your own to find a planet and stuff to do. There is no real story in Adventure mode as far as I can see. Thats a shame. The Lego humor is there, but not the typical fun Lego stories.

Creation in Lego Worlds is not as good as Minecraft or my favorite building game Dragon Quest Builders. Mostly you’ll want to bring in premade things in Lego Worlds. There is some building making but I suck at it so far. Its not as easy as the other two games I mentioned.

So Lego Worlds isn’t the best building game I’ve played nor is it the best Lego game I’ve played. Even so I do like this game and I’m glad I bought it on sale. It was worth buying for me and I can see having fun more with it. I know there are more things to discover and I can’t wait to see them.

If you love Lego video games and you like to build stuff, then you may want to check this game out. There is fun to be had here. I’ve never played a totally bad Lego game, especially in recent years.

So have you played Lego Worlds? What do you think of it? Bonus question: what is your favorite Lego video game?

Next week: A look back on one of my all-time favorite rpgs: Chrono Trigger!

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. My favorite Lego video game series is the Lego Marvel games.


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