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Inside Eden’s Gate Short Film Available on YouTube

Prior to the release of Far Cry 5, Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Toronto released a 30 minute short film titled, “Inside Eden’s Gate.” This short film was previously just available via a paid subscription service, but Ubisoft announced this week that the film was now viewable on YouTube, via the official Ubisoft channel. We’ve linked the video¬†below.

Although I’ve already played my way through Far Cry 5 – and published a fantastic 9/10 review! – I still felt that “Inside Eden’s Gate” was a great way to get someone excited for the game. If you are on the fence, this is a great insight into why you attempt to take down the cult when playing Far Cry 5!

When game studios attempt to make short movies, they rarely ever turn out how you’d want it to; Ubisoft, however, has bucked that trend with this release, providing viewers with a fantastic 30 minute short about Eden’s Gate, and the Seed siblings John, Jacob, Faith, and of course The Father, Joseph. The acting from all is very well done, highlighted by actor Greg Bryk’s fantastic portrayal of The Father.

Have you played Far Cry 5? Have you seen “Inside Eden’s Gate”? Let us know what you thought, and join the conversation with me over on Twitter!


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