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What Is a Social Online Casino and Is It Really That Good?

Are you a gambling enthusiast? Is social media the only site you never seem to ever turn off? A social online casino is the feature that will incorporate the two giving you a wholesome experience. A social online casino is a casino that runs on social media sites such as Facebook, Myspace, and Google+. This is a rapidly emerging trend which is unlikely to slow down anytime soon.

Gambling seems to be undergoing constant growth. Initially, it was limited to brick and mortar casinos, and players had to walk to a casino to play their favorite games. Then, the online gambling industry emerged and brought in convenience since punters could play at the comfort of their homes. Later, the mobile casinos were invented enabling punters to play on their smartphones and tablets.

The online and mobile casinos took center stage for a long time, and this led to the outcrop of so many of them. You can check this Casumo Casino Review and perhaps take a look at other reviews to know about some of the best online casinos. These platforms worked tirelessly to provide a perfect gaming experience, but was it enough?

Just when the online casino gambling was beginning to get monotonous, the social online casinos were invented, hence, renewing the excitement of online gambling. Social online gambling is quite entertaining because it is quite interactive. You can play with your friends or other strangers and brag when you win. This is a great privilege that was lacking in other gambling platforms. Only live casinos with live chat are beginning to bring it back but not as effectively as social online casinos.

The social gambling industry is gradually becoming a vibrant industry, and this is clearly portrayed by the number of prominent operators that are venturing into it. Social media sites such as Facebook are quite popular. They have millions of users who are so embroiled into it that they can’t keep their eyes off it. Actually, one of the newest forms of addiction is social media addiction.


Online casinos have tapped into this market by offering the social online casinos. Most online social casinos offer free games; therefore, players only gamble for fun. The real money games on social media are only legal in a few jurisdictions across the continents. Hence, the majority of players play for free. Nevertheless, this has grown to become a billion dollar industry. How?

These casinos make a lot of money from selling currencies, in-game goods, and benefits. Punters buy these products for real money, therefore, enabling these casinos to make millions on a daily basis. This is a distinct portrayal of the lucrativeness of this business and explains why more casino brands and getting into it.

What Are the Pros of Social Online Casinos?

There are many reasons why you simply need to start gambling on social media. They include the following:

  • Are absolutely free


These games can be played without using real money. They are totally risk-free hence enabling you to gamble for fun without taking any risks. This is the perfect chance of refining your betting skills and learning a few winning tips and tricks. You can also try the new casino games that are emerging and get to grasp the gameplays before playing real money. Practice makes perfect they say, and gambling is no exception. You can use this opportunity to practice and become a better gambler without losing anything.


  • Highly interactive


Even though many social media games are single player games, there are a number of those that enable you to play against your friends or even strangers. Also, these casinos make it very easy to brag about your gambling prowess. You simply select the Share option, and your successes will be perfectly displayed on your wall in an attractive way. This is the kind of interaction that brings back the classical feeling of gambling.


  • A wide variety of games are offered


There are many games that are available in these casinos. Some of them are present in these casinos and not in any others such as land-based and even online casinos. You can try out as many games as possible on these sites and have an exceptional gambling experience.

These are the advantages of social online casinos. However, they have a few disadvantages, but they are certainly not big enough to deter you from gambling on them. Firstly, there are no real money games for residents of most countries; hence, true gamblers will not have their needs satisfied. Secondly, the social interaction is limited because numerous games are single player games. However, the interaction is much better compared to other online casinos.

Which Games Are Available?

There are many games that are available on social online casinos. The majority of them are slot machines which include the modern video slots and the retro-themed slots. Some of the most popular slots include Wizard of Odds, myVegas slots, and Lucky slots among others.

There are also other games such as blackjack, roulette, craps, casino poker like Texas Hold’em, video poker, bingo, and even the video lotteries. These are among the most played games in any casino worldwide; therefore, gamers will have a worthwhile gaming experience.

These games are available on a number of platforms. The biggest social casino platforms are Slotomania, Zynga, Double Down Casino, and Big Fish Casino among others. Slotomania is a slots specialist that houses several entertaining slots. Zynga, on the other hand, offers a variety of games, but its most popular titles include Hit It Rich, Wizard of Oz, and Zynga Poker. The other two are also very exceptional casinos offering several different games.

Social online casinos are excellent gambling platforms that enable gamers to enjoy their favorite casino games on their preferred social media sites. They can certainly offer you excellent gaming experience.


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