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Gaming in the Online Space – Tapping into New Delights and Old Favourites

The world of online gaming is growing by leaps and bounds, and as both new games and old games become available, people are scrambling to get their hands on the latest and greatest, or the oldies they use to love.

Whether it is online slots , poker or old DOS games, there is so much to play on the World Wide Web. Over the past number of weeks, I’ve been looking around to see what is available, and have stumbled on a fantastic little site that allows you to play old DOS games: playclassic games. allows gamers to tap into some of the older games they loved, most notably those that were on DOS, but also other platforms as well. The legality behind some of these titles is questionable, but as often it goes, owning a copy of the game might be enough of a reason to play on these sites. Let’s dive into a few of my favourites, all of which I own in some form!
Warcraft 2
Warcraft 2 was a fantastic real time strategy game released back in 1995 on DOS, and 1996 on Mac. Players controlled either the Orc or Human races, and performed specific tasks to move through the games lengthy campaign. The game built on many of the missteps of the original Warcraft, and was successful enough to spawn a third game in the franchise, Warcraft 3. The game was definitely simple, but offered a lot to the RTS development community in the years ahead, part of which was an expansion for the game in 1996.
Command and Conquer: Red Alert
On the heels of the release of Warcraft 2 in 1995, a second Command and Conquer game hit the market and looked very much like Warcraft 2. RTS fans that were not playing Warcraft 2 had their nails deep into Red Alert, and critics loved it as well. Here is what was said about the game,
The PC version of the game scored 90.91% on GameRankings based on 11 reviews, while the PlayStation version scored 81.40% based on 5 reviews.[49] A reviewer for Next Generation commented that Command & Conquer: Red Alert retains the gameplay elements of the outstanding original game while enhancing the graphics, expanding warfare to both air and sea, and rebalancing the gameplay so that players cannot succeed by simply using the same tactics which worked in the original. He concluded that “in a holiday season swamped with C&C clones, discerning gamers won’t go wrong by sticking to the real thing. –
Sim City 2000
I have to assume that every gamer at one point experienced Sim City 2000, which was a big improvement over Sim City and introduced a lot of new ideas and game play mechanics. Sim City is seen as the beginning of the sim franchises that would come, and many built off mechanics developed for this game. The game was first released in 1993 on Apple Macintosh, and in 1995 on DOS. The game went to further platforms after that, including the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, PlayStation, and more. Even in 2019, there is a lot to like about Sim City 2000, and it’s a title that won’t die anytime soon!
The Secret of Monkey Island
While RTS games were all the rage in the mid 1990s, the early 90s were dominated by another genre: point and click adventure titles. One of the most popular titles was The Secret of Monkey Island, which was originally released on early PC platforms and DOS, and was later remastered on multiple occasions for Steam, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. The game not only had intrigue and strong story telling, but also featured some fantastic mechanics that are still a staple of the genre today.
The Secret of Monkey Island was a genre defining experience, and one that many fans did not overlook when it was first released. Those that did, however, have had the opportunity to play it again and again and again throughout the past two decades; it’s likey that even if you never played this specific release, there is a Monkey Island title you have played, as the game was given many sequels.
Other type of clasic games
All above games are from long ago, some of You might remeber WMS Gaming as well which was manufacturer of slot machines and video lottery terminals , but the Internet continues to invent and bring new games forward, even when You look on the just slots itself which are becoming more and more prevalent across the inter webs. These types of games, whether on home computers, tablets, or even cell phones, provide the perfect opportunity to jump into a quick experience using mechanics you’ve understood for generations.
Even if the concept of the slot game has changed, pulled the lever hasn’t. And poker is poker. These games will last a lifetime, whether for pure fun or for gambling.
There were a lot of great titles released in the early and mid 1990s, and it’s a shame that so many are unavailable. For example, to play my original CD of Warcraft 2, I’d have to go to a retro shop just to find a computer old enough to play it! Thankfully, I can bypass that and play online. What is most disappointing is when games don’t hold up as well as you remember, sometimes ruining the overall experience. If you really loved something two decades ago, think twice before launching it again. Sometimes, the memories you have are better then the actual experience!

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