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New Toy Story LEGO Sets Launching in April

At the New York Toy Fair, The LEGO Group released details and images of their upcoming Toy Story 4 sets that will be launching a few months ahead of the official film release in June. Coming out in April of this year, LEGO will be dropping these 4 sets and likely more around and after the launch of the film. Based on what we are seeing, these sets are not to be missed!

What is most shocking about the sets that are launching is hte price point when compared to the number of pieces, making these purchases make sense for probably only the biggest Toy Story fans. We hope to review the lot of these when launched, and perhaps our opinions will change – I mean, who doesn’t want a minifigure Rex! – but as of right now, the prices are staggering for the number of pieces you get. Here are the sets launching, along with their price!

10769 Toy Story 4 RV Vacation – 49.99 CAD – This 178 piece set is the most intriguing for myself, as it will appeal more as a display set on my shelving units as opposed to something my kids will play with – although they definitely will! This is obviously a Jr build as can be seen in the a) number of pieces and b) the solid make of the base of the RV. Still, the set looks great!

110771 Carnival Thrill Coaster – 24.99 CAD – This 98 Piece set looks large in the image, but based on the number of pieces included, it’s likely to not be that big. It’s the least interesting of the sets in my opinion, although with more track it could have been an intriguing set!

10770 Buzz & Woody’s Carnival Mania! – 69.99 CAD – This 230 piece set includes 4 minifigures and a bunch of midway attractions. While the other sets in this collection steer more towards the Jr builds, this one appears to be more for older kids and adults.

10766 Woody RC – 13.99 CAD – This 69 piece set might be an easy purchase for Toy Story fans. At only 14$ Canadian (10 USD),  it seems like a no brainer. The set doesn’t look that big, but we are excited to get it out of the box and put together!

Will you be grabbing any sets this April?


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