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Multiple Game Play Styles in Far Cry 5

In an IGN First – as seen below – Brandin Tyrrel (Editor, games) is seen showing a number of different ways that players will be able to explore Far Cry 5 when it launches in late March, 2018. You can see the full video below where IGN takes on a specific enemy enclosure with three separate tactics!

Montana in the United States has never looked better in video game form; ok, well it might never have been recreated in video game form, but lets give credit where credit is due: Ubisoft has nailed it with the visuals in Far Cry 5, and I cannot wait to try it out when it launches in a few months! So many open world games today are plagued because players are forced to maneuver through the game in specific ways. Even games that offer a variety of play types – stealth, melee, etc. – often force you to use specific methods at specific moments. In Far Cry 5, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Whether you like to snipe, use a bow, or go in guns blazing, it appears that every style of game play will be an option in Far Cry 5. For sure, specific methods will work better in certain situations, but based on the game play from IGN, you’ll never be forced into any of these of the ways.

Using one of the first outposts to show the different gameplay styles, Brandin uses the snipping approach, stealth approach, and guns blazing approach while taking down the enemies around the enclosure. For what it’s worth, all three styles looked fun to execute, which could lead to some replay ability once the game has been completed once!

Far Cry 5 is an IGN First game for the month of February, so expect a ton more content from them. You can find it all over at!


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