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Nintendo Has a Statement 2018

Everyone knew the Nintendo Switch would perform well in 2017 after it launched in March, but many questioned whether the company would be able to continue the momentum into 2018, especially as new ports seemed to be the go-to for the company.

And yet, Nintendo finished ontop of the console marketplace in the United States, finishing as the number one publisher in terms of dollars, as well as the top console in terms of units and dollars. It really was a great year for the company!

Add to that Mario Kart 8 finishing as the second best selling racing game in history, and Super Smash Bros Ultimate being the systems number one seller despite launching so late, and it really is a good time to be a Nintendo Switch owner!

For those saying physical game sales were dead, reliable and always entertaining NextGenGamer on Twitter – aka Paul Hunter of former Best Buy Blog fame, and now editor at Walmart Canada – tells us this is not the case, back by NPD numbers from Mat Piscantella:




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