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Live Dealer Changes Online Casino Play

Improving any games platform has always been the goal of the software developers, it helps attract new players and of course helps to retain the excitement factor of existing clients ensuring they never get bored.

The team at is familiar with this need to keep content fresh and live dealer games have changed the landscape of online casinos ensuring that they keep their ranking as a popular way to play.

What is a Live Dealer Game

In the past when you visited an online casino, you would have found that the games on offer were all based in the world of virtual CGI animation. These virtual games are well designed and feature so super impressive graphics that enhance play, but of course, they were still a way from replicating the experience offered to punters rocking up at bricks and mortar casinos all over the world.

Cue the advent of live dealer games, and suddenly we have entered a whole new work of immersive gameplay that really does leave players feeling that they are really there in the moment. Filmed and streamed in real time, a live dealer game replicates the dealer play within any casino table across the globe and streams it live to the user so they can join the action. Studios are used to create a casino set up with the professional croupier running the game in exactly the same way as they would anywhere. Multi-angle cameras are used to create the illusion of being in the same room, and while the bets are placed on a virtual interact software mat, the rest of the game is live.

Getting Closer to the Action

This means that the dealer will be using casino-style equipment in a professional set up, so expect to see the quality roulette wheel, the poker table and more. Live dealer games are proving so popular that this is now big business for the software houses. In most cases, the games are supplied as a complete package, so this is not part of the online casino itself, it is bought in gaming technology.

For the software houses, this either means that they have created their own studies, and there are a lot in Latvia, or they are renting space of other setups that do the same. It is important that they offer croupiers that will appeal to the punters as the whole point is to create an immersive atmosphere that keeps players coming back to play again. This is role often filled by university age students as the most significant call for games tends to be during the evenings and weekend, so it fits perfectly around their studies.

These online live dealers are expected to present a professional image in front of the camera, including evening dress in much the same way as the big casinos do. There is a tendency to favour attractive female presenters for obvious reason, with some casinos having a split of males and females.


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