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Ships Simulator Review

Ships Simulator

Release: November 30, 2023
Publisher: Ultimate Games S.A.
Developer: OceanCraft
Genre: PS5 ReviewsReviews
PEGI: 12


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5 - Gameplay
5 - Video
4.5 - Audio

Get ready to embark on a maritime journey that leaves you questioning the very definition of entertainment. Ships Simulator on PlayStation 5, developed by OceanCraft Studios, attempts to bring the high seas to your living room.

Ships Simulator attempts to capitalize on the PlayStation 5’s hardware but falls short of delivering a truly captivating visual experience. While water effects and ship models show promise, the overall execution lacks the polish expected from a next-gen title. The graphics are passable, but they won’t have you marveling at the screen in awe.

Navigating the waters in Ships Simulator is a mixed bag. The controls are somewhat intuitive, but the learning curve feels unnecessarily steep. The gameplay, ranging from mundane navigation to lackluster rescue operations, fails to engage players for extended periods. Ship handling lacks the depth that would make it genuinely immersive, resulting in a rather mediocre gameplay experience.


Ships Simulator allows some customization options, but they feel more like superficial additions than meaningful enhancements. The progression system is uninspired, with in-game currency serving more as a chore than a reward. Customizing ships lacks the depth and personalization found in more engaging simulation games, leaving players with a sense of missed potential.

The sound design in Ships Simulator deserves a nod for its attempt to create a maritime atmosphere. However, the repetitive nature of the sound effects, coupled with a forgettable soundtrack, prevents it from achieving true excellence. The audio experience, much like the rest of the game, falls short of leaving a lasting impression.

Ships Simulator on PlayStation 5 may sail into uncharted waters, but it struggles to stay afloat in the sea of simulation gaming. While the game offers glimpses of potential, its lackluster graphics, unimpressive gameplay, and uninspired customization make it a hard sell. If you’re in search of a truly engaging maritime adventure, you might want to set your sights elsewhere. Ships Simulator fails to deliver on the promise of an exciting virtual voyage, leaving players with an experience that’s more like a slow, meandering drift than a thrilling high-seas adventure.



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