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Call of Duty Modern Warfare II Campaign Review

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II Campaign

Release: January 1, 1970
Publisher: Activision - Infinity Ward - M
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9.0 - Gameplay
9.0 - Video
9.0 - Audio

Every year I typically look forward to the new Call of Duty campaign, I’m typically not into these games for the multiplayer although I know most people are. I always look forward to some great shooter action, supreme gun play and shooting mechanics. With all the hype/build up for MWII could it possibly live up to the expectation?

Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare II is the sequel to 2019’s blockbuster Modern Warfare®. Featuring the return of the iconic, team leader Captain John Price, the fearless John “Soap” MacTavish, the seasoned Sergeant Kyle “Gaz” Garrick, and the lone wolf himself, fan favorite Simon “Ghost” Riley, players will witness what makes Task Force 141 the legendary squad it is today.

In this campaign you are in active pursuit of an Iranian terrorist who is in possession of numerous missiles targeted for mass destruction. You will travel across the globe in your mission to put an end to this before some catastrophic results occur.


Playing through this campaign I can confidentially say that this is the best Call of Duty campaign in a long time, if not ever. The story is filled with lots of twists and turns, like any great Hollywood blockbuster.

The voice acting and sound editing as always is top tier with a slew of characters we’ve gotten to know over the years. You can sense the passion, dread, etc. in their voices perfectly. You can tell they had excellent direction and lots of care when into it. Of course, the gun sounds, etc. as always are fantastic, especially with a good sound system or a good set of headphones.

Graphically speaking the game has never looked better, right from the opening mission i was taken back with just how good the game looked. Also, during my SINGLE PLAYER CAMPAIGN playtime, I experienced absolutely no issues, no force closing, no frame drops, nothing at all. It was a highly polished experience from beginning to end.

The variety of missions was also extremely enjoyable as each level or area not only felt different, but it played different. From missions where you are calling down air strikes and leveling the area, to some missions where you are armed with absolutely nothing and have to scrap to make shivs, and crude explosives to get by.

The game never made me feel at ease at any point as I was always having to adapt to a new playstyle whether it was stealth, overwhelming odds or something else. They even kept some of those tense moments where they try to get you to shoot someone you shouldn’t like the last game, as well as some de-escalation moments where you might have to draw your gun to calm the situation down ironically.


The entire campaign takes maybe between 7-9 hours to complete depending on your own experience, but since it’s fairly linear it shouldn’t vary that much. But overall, I found the technical experience to be top tier, the storytelling to be great and engaging and left me wanting more (which if rumours are correct, we will be getting more around this campaign eventually) to look forward to.

I will write about my multiplayer experience and warzone 2.0 experience separately so look forward to that.



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