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HERO Series Ewin Racing Chair Review

HERO Series Ewin Racing Chair

Release: January 1, 1970
Publisher: Ewin Racing
Developer: Ewin Racing
Genre: Hardware


Excellent About Rating

A few months ago, I was pretty sure only one racing chair company existed, but it wasn’t long before I realized there are tons of these companies out there, all trying to compete with each other in a very busy and cramped marketplace. While most of these chairs are, on average, around the 400-500$ mark, they are priced out of the range of many people. Ewin Racing, however, has chairs that are competitively priced with even your average computer chair. I had the great opportunity to review the HERO Series racing chair, which retails for roughly 349.99. You can get one even cheaper by going to Ewin Racing home page and using code ‘gamesreviews’ to save 15%! The cheapest Ewin Racing chair retails for roughly 229.99 USD.

Shipping and Packaging

Ewin Racing has warehouse facilities in the EU and the United States, and while they offer free shipping to those countries, there is a charge for shipping to Canada, roughly 50$ according to the company. From start to finish, my chair took about a week to arrive from the United States. Thankfully, the contents inside the box was packed very well, because the box came to my home fairly beat up, due to poor handling while being shipped.

Ewin Racing

Ewin cares about the product they are sending to their consumers, so making sure that everything is wrapped and packaged properly to ensure complete arrival of your product in the factory condition. Not everyone takes this much care in shipping, but obviously Ewin does. They want you to get a racing chair free of any potential scuffs, or even worse, a tear!

Ewin Racing

The box itself is very heavy, so having someone with you to move the box to your desired building location is ideal. Don’t build the chair and hope to move it, as once it’s together, it can be difficult to move because of its odd shape.

Chair Construction

The instructions that came with the chair lacked detail, but this would only be a problem for those who lack a certain amount of common sense. The step by step guide will walk you through the entire process, and should you not have any issues with some of the bolts like I did, it should take you 20-30 minutes to complete.

With all the parts, it does look pretty daunting, but even I was able to put this together fairly easily. My one criticism of the process is attempting to put the screws back into the seat when attaching the backrest to the seat base. Since the threads are buried inside the seat, you might have to fiddle around with the bolts to line them up, and ultimately get them screwed in. What should have been a one person job quickly turned into a two person job, but only because I was so frustrated I had given up.

Ewin Racing

It should be noted that my wife had NO problems getting the bolts to line up, so this could have strictly been a problem for myself. Regardless, it is worth mentioning. Before you know it, your Ewin Racing gaming chair will be ready to use!

Chair Comfort

You know how people will often tell you that something – say Sushi – is an acquired taste? I feel the same thing about all racing chairs. Racing chairs are designed for those who play games for a long time, and while being comfortable, they also promote good posture with their ergonomic design. Hence the inclusion of the valuable lumbar pillows to help with your posture.

If you’ve been sitting improperly for years – such as I have – when playing video games or working at your desk, you won’t instantly find the comfort you seek. This is not a knock on Ewin Racing or on any racing chair company. It is purely a reality. History tells us that while sitting improperly – lounging, slouching, etc. – is definitely more comfortable in the moment, it can cause chronic and severe back pain in the future. With my current setup – Lazy-boy in front of the TV – I’ve already been noticing serious back pains and aches from long gaming session.


After using the Ewin Racing chair for about 3 weeks exclusively – i.e. no more sitting in my recliner to play games for review – a lot of my back pain is gone. Was there a period of getting use to sitting properly? For sure, but now that I’ve become accustom to sitting the right way, I’m not sure I’ll ever go back to a couch or recliner. The comfort level is through the roof; Ewin Racing does allow you to customize your sitting positions.

I’m not a huge guy, but I’m not thin either. Anyone larger than myself would not comfortably fit in the HERO Series Ewin Racing chair, but know that the company does offer other chairs that will accommodate different people of different sizes.

Ewin Racing has put a premium on the parts they have used, including a strong metal, 5 star base, quality gas lifts that won’t buckle or break under extreme weight, and quality parts throughout. The stitching around the chair itself is top notch, holding in the cold molded foam seat padding, that surrounds a durable metal frame.

The HERO Series racing chair is heavy, which is why I originally suggested moving the box to the location where you will use the chair. Unlike headsets and controllers, a chair with some weight is really what you want, as you know the durable construction and metal design will last over long periods of time.


When I compare the Ewin Racing HERO Series chairs to similarly priced chairs from other companies, you quickly realize that some are snagging a few extra dollars out of your pocket because of the brand name alone. Ewin Racing isn’t the most recognizable racing chair brand name, but that probably benefits the consumer in the long run. Similar chairs – with identical designs, construction, etc. – are priced $50+ more when compared to Ewin Racing, and you are paying for the name alone.

If you are in the market for an Ewin Racing chair, we highly recommend the HERO Series chair. It’s their midrange model that can accommodate most people. We love it and so will you!

You can get your own Ewin Racing chair by going to Ewin Racing home page and using code ‘gamesreviews’ to save 15%!



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