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E-WIN 2.0 Edition RGB Gaming Desk Review

E-WIN 2.0 Edition RGB Gaming Desk

Release: January 1, 1970
Publisher: E-Win
Developer: E-Win
Genre: Hardware, Reviews


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As with any “real” gamer, we all want the best consoles, or computers, chairs, screens, and all that fun stuff. But how often do we think about desks? Well, it’s time we put some thought into that as well. As more and more folks are into setting up their “battle stations” for gaming, content creation and the like, we spend a lot of time at a desk.

So personally, I think it’s just as important as the rest, so we are going to take a look at the EWIN RGB Gaming Desk (Thanks to E-WIN for sending me one to test out). I put it through the ringer to see just how well it works for someone working, gaming, creating content, etc.

One thing to keep in mind with E-WIN, they are always enhancing and changing features on their products so some of the images on the website don’t necessarily line up with what you will receive. But I did take my own photos as well for reference. Let’s start with what they advertise:



So, what they highlight here is the durable carbon fiber desktop (which looks fantastic BTW) and very stylized. The model I chose also came complete with a wireless charger built into the corner of the desktop. Even if your device doesn’t have wireless charging capability, you can unveil a hidden USB port to plug something in. Currently I have a desktop fan plugged in for me.

Since I use my desk most days all day while working, it’s a must have and this definitely makes it easier. Also works well to charge my phone wirelessly which is always a great thing to have at hand. On the other side is a grommet for easy cable management, which was also much appreciated during setup, but I’ll get to that later.

One slight thing I have to dig them on is the desktop is VERY susceptible to fingerprints. But if you are like me and use a large mousepad, it’s not a huge deal at all. Of course, we want all the RGBs, and this desk certainly provides a light show, but we will get to that later.

Shipping is superfast and free, which is always nice. But let’s get to the assembly and unboxing.


Everything honestly was packed very well, I was impressed. It all came in one large box that had all the pieces inside placed inside foam (and thankfully not that god awful Styrofoam that makes a massive mess) So each piece was protected, and nothing slides around in the box causing potential damage or anything. One thing to note, everything is quality build here, the legs are super heavy and sturdy as is the desktop.

The directions sent came on one sheet and were super clear, super easy to follow. Plus, its only 8 steps, which is very nice to see. I was able to build it all while still in the box to prevent any scratching or damage to the desk on my tile floor.


Assembly can be done by one person alone and only took me around 20-25 minutes. Wiring is pretty much already done for the lighting and charging pad out of the box, just had to make a few easy connections and was done. It took me much longer to connect all of my equipment vs building the actual desk.


Some of the other features was a handy headphone holder, and the cup holder (which honestly is a game changer for me. It even has a cutout to have a coffee cup there and the handle slides in nicely. Definitely a good thing to have on a long workday or long gaming session.

Yes, a GFuel shaker fits just fine as well. One thing to note is the website says every desk comes with a controller stand, I did not receive one for whatever reason, but with the amount of stuff I keep on my desk, that’s fine it would probably just be in the way. Once everything was plugged in, it was time to check out the lights. Now this model has lights that are synched up with the sound coming out of your speakers to create a bit of a light show effect.



After having used this desk the past couple of days I can say definitively this is a VERY well-built desk. It is extremely sturdy; I would feel comfortable standing on it (but I won’t). It is much thicker, and stronger than my previous desk I was using, and even feels more durable than my desk at my office. The lights while very cool, I wish had a feature to just have them on without relying on sound to drive them. Lack of remote is also a little bit of a turn off. But honestly, the build is much more important to me than the lights.


  • Superior build quality
  • Tons of features (Charger, Cupholder, Headphone Hook, etc)
  • Easy to follow directions
  • Enough space for all my equipment and some decorative stuff


  • Lack of control over the lights

Overall, I think this is a great pick up for folks who are interested. E-WIN takes great care and pride in the build quality of their desks, and it definitely shows in this case. I am very much looking forward to putting in some major hours at my new set up! Now I think it’s time I upgraded my chair……

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And thanks again to E-WIN for sending this great desk my way!



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