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Megaquarium: Freshwater Frenzy DLC Review

Megaquarium: Freshwater Frenzy DLC

Freshwater Frenzy feat
Release: January 1, 1970
Publisher: Twice Circled & Auroch Digital
Developer: Twice Circled & Auroch Digital
Genre: DLC, Indie, SimulationStrategy


Excellent About Rating

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water – Megaquarium’s Freshwater Frenzy DLC is ready to take a serious bite out of your free time! Released in Fall 2018, Megaquarium is a wonderfully delightful sim/management game where the player builds their dream aquarium, while managing their food, staff, water quality and fish compatibility needs. While the base game focuses only on saltwater marine life, fans of river fish will be delighted to hear that freshwater frenzy (unsurprisingly) features an entire array of freshwater fish and habitats!

Freshwater Frenzy 1

Expanded Definition

As a rule, it takes a lot for me to enjoy paid DLC. Maybe that is just my old-school nature, being born and raised in a world where you paid for a game once and got the whole game. All of it. For one clear, upfront cost. As a result, the popularity of micro-transactions and paid DLC often leaves a sour taste my mouth. As such, I was inclined to dislike Freshwater Frenzy from the get-go.

I do not mind, however, paying a fair price for a real amount of extra content. The term that I most often associate with this type of content is ‘Expansion’. When DLC enhances or furthers a game, provides an increase in playtime or replayability, I no longer consider it simply a DLC pack but view it more as an expansion of the game.

By these standards, Freshwater Frenzy is absolutely an expansion to the Megaquarium base game. It is meant to be played by those who have already completed the base game, or at least have a firm grasp of all of the different gameplay mechanics. While this is not a requirement, it is strongly advised, as there is little to no hand-holding in the Freshwater Frenzy levels.

Freshwater Frenzy 3

Start At The Beginning

This DLC introduces so many different features, it is hard to know where to start. Let’s begin, then, with its namesake – freshwater fish! There are TONS of freshwater species to unlock and experiment with, each with their own tank requirements and specific diets. As freshwater tanks have a completely different ecosystem from saltwater tanks, it only makes sense that they also include their own never before seen aquascaping, from bogwood to floating cover and much more!

Another major addition that comes with this DLC is breeding. It comes with equal parts challenge and reward, but the hybrid fish you can create with selective breeding is a very entertaining and rewarding practice! Your new freshwater friends also come with increased requirements – you will now need to monitor the pH level of your tank in combination with water temperature, quality and decoration requirements!

Your staff get some enchancements as well with the introduction of accessories! These objects can be equipped to staff to provide powerful bonuses that will help with the management of your aquarium – but choose wisely! Only one accessory can be equipped at any given time. Posters are yet another addition that provide helpful information to visitors about the fish in your tanks!

Freshwater Frenzy 4Land, Ho!

The last major addition that is brought along with the Freshwater Frenzy DLC is reptiles! These require both land and water in their tanks, so be sure to accommodate them with the all-new and specially designed amphibious tanks! There are plenty of other new tanks to test out as well, including tanks with suspended platforms that can be used to bridge different areas of your aquarium together!

In the end, for just $13 CAD you get 5 new thrilling and challenging levels, 30 new species of fish and 7 new types of tanks, along with the posters, staff accessories, freshwater-specific plants and decorations and 4 new paints to decorate your aquarium with. All of these items are, of course, available to use in the sandbox mode as well, meaning you can take your creativity to new heights!

If you enjoyed the Megaquarium base game or even just relaxing sim/tycoon games in general, both Megaquarium and this Freshwater Frenzy DLC provide unbeatable entertainment and value. For more information, visit:



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