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Helldivers 2 Review

Helldivers 2

Release: February 8, 2024
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Developer: Arrowhead Game Studios
Genre: PlayStation 5 Reviews, PS5 ReviewsReviews
PEGI: 18


Great About Rating
8 - Gameplay
8 - Video
8 - Audio

Helldivers 2 is a hilarious and bombastic love letter to cheesy sci-fi action flicks, wrapped in a challenging and strategic cooperative shooter. Taking the core concept of its predecessor and blasting it into the third dimension, it delivers an experience that’s equal parts frantic action, tactical thinking, and side-splitting laughs.

Forget subtlety – Helldivers 2 throws you headfirst into the deep end of its gloriously over-the-top world. You become a Helldiver, a soldier tasked with defending Super Earth from bug-infested planets and rogue robots. Missions are diverse, ranging from rescuing scientists to assassinating giant alien worms. Expect explosions galore, friendly fire mishaps, and epic last-stands that would make Michael Bay proud.


The new 3D perspective adds a welcome layer of depth to the combat. Dodging lasers, flanking enemies, and raining down hell from above feels satisfyingly tactical. Weapon variety is impressive, with each gun and gadget packing a unique punch (and potential for friendly fire mayhem). Mastering this arsenal becomes crucial in the later difficulties, where teamwork and communication are essential for survival.

Speaking of teamwork, Helldivers 2 shines brightest when played with friends. Coordinating strategies, reviving fallen comrades, and witnessing spectacular chain reactions of explosions is a blast. Friendly fire adds a hilarious layer of tension, creating moments of accidental team wipes that become stories for future laughs. Don’t worry, even death is fun here – the ragdoll physics and over-the-top gibs ensure a comedic send-off.

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows (and explosions). The difficulty can be brutal, especially solo, and some missions feel repetitive after a while. Server issues plagued the launch, though patches are steadily improving things. Still, the core gameplay loop is so addictive, and the laughs so frequent, that these stumbles become minor bumps on the glorious, bombastic road.

If you’re looking for a serious, strategic shooter, Helldivers 2 might not be for you. But if you crave an experience that blends over-the-top action, tactical depth, and side-splitting humor, then grab your squad and enlist today. Just remember, meatbags: teamwork makes the dream work, and friendly fire makes it hilarious. So strap in, soldier, and prepare for the most gloriously absurd war campaign you’ll ever experience. Just don’t stand too close to your teammates – for their sake, and yours.



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