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Morphite Review


Release: November 2, 2017
Publisher: Blowfish Studio
Developer: Crescent Moon Games
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Platformer, Shooter, Switch Reviews


Excellent About Rating
9.5 - Gameplay
9.5 - Video
9.5 - Audio

Metroid Prime 4 is in development for the Nintendo Switch right now. It’ll probably be awhile before that game is out. Meanwhile, where should a gamer go to get some first person exploration fun? The solution to this question is Morphite for Nintendo Switch.

The story in Morphite is really good. The main character is just trying to survive and get by and then she is roped into a quest to solve some mysteries of the universe. If I said anything more about the story, I would spoil it, so I’ll leave it at that somewhat vague description. Believe me, you’ll want to keep playing this game for its story and for its gameplay too. Morphite is a lot of fun.


I’ve always loved the Metroid Prime games because of their level of exploration, combined with adventure and shooting. Morphite reminds me a lot of Metroid Prime.

Morphite takes the best elements of Metroid Prime and then adds some really amazing stuff that I wish the next Prime would have!

In Morphite, you travel to different places via your spaceship. The menu interaction for the spaceship is pretty good. I did find myself getting lost sometimes via the star chart, but I loved how easy it was to travel to planets and space stations. And add to that random events like getting attacked by ships, dodging astroids, and accidently phasing through a space station, and you have an outer space experiance thats a lot of fun. Though, its really when you get down to the planets when things to start to get really awesome.

Like Metroid Prime, you’ll find yourself scanning objects and shooting at enemies. More tools unlock as you get further into the game too! And if thats not enough, you’ll find yourself platforming, solving puzzles, upgrading your tools and armor, talking to people, visiting small towns, and more. Morphite has so many planets that you can visit beyond just the story planets. What will you find on them? You just never know! Its really worth it to explore every planet you can.

Then there are the space stations. Some of them have mini-games and side quests, while others are pretty barren. The space stations, overall, are not as interesting to visit as the planets but you should still stop in once and while to see if theres anything unique you can find. Morphite is such a great game. And I’m happy to report its controls are pretty excellent for the most part.

Its very easy to use Morphite’s weapons/tools and switch between them, especially when you use the D-pad.  The platforming in the game works well too and thats saying something for a game thats mostly in first person.

Everything works great in first person, though things can get a little bit tricky when the game goes out of that viewpoint occasionally. Sometimes you’ll get a vehicle that works well in third person, like the spaceship, and other times you’ll get one that’s a bit hard to control.

Morphite is at its best when it is in first person mode, but I do really like that this game added other things to do too. There is a ton of variety to this game.

Finally, I want to note that Morphite doesn’t use the Switch’s motion controls or touch screen, however it makes great use of the system’s HD rumble! I was especially impressed by how much it rumbled when you traveled in space. I didn’t think it was overkill, instead it drew me into the game more.

Morphite is a really well designed game. If you like first person exploration/adventure/shooters, then Morphite is a can’t miss. Even if you usually don’t like any of that stuff, you might want to check this game out anyway. Morphite is such a unique game game for the Nintendo Switch and that uniqueness is clearly shown by its graphics.


Morphite has such a unique visual style to it. In some ways, its blocky and in other ways its not. There is a lot of variety to different planets that you’ll visit, with only little repetition here and there. The enemies, creatures, and plants you’ll find on these planets are pretty fantastic too.

There are some minor glitches on planets sometimes, like seeing through a wall occassionally, but for the most part everything looks great when you are exploring a planet.

Meanwhile, the space stations are pretty generic looking and I wish there had been a little bit more variety put into them (and the people who live there).

Despite the issues with the space stations and some minor glitches on planets, I really love Morphite’s graphics. This is such a good looking game!

Morphite also has an excellent soundtrack. Its very atmospheric. There seems to be a good variety to it too. The game’s sound effects are a little bit less memorable but they get the job done well.

Morphite is one of the most unique games on the Nintendo Switch.


Morphite has a ton of variety to its gameplay and so many surprising things to find. You’ll want to explore Morphite’s universe and visit all the planets and space stations you can. I’m pretty amazed by this game and I hope people check it out. Morphite shouldn’t be missed.

Thanks to Stride PR (for Blowfish Studios) for providing a review copy of this game. Morphite is currently available on the Nintendo Switch eShop!



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