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Doom Nintendo Switch Review

Doom Nintendo Switch

Release: November 10, 2017
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Developer: id Software
Genre: Action, Shooter, Switch Reviews
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Excellent About Rating
9.0 - Gameplay
9.5 - Video
9.0 - Audio

Doom is a game that no one would have ever guessed would come to the Nintendo Switch. It was not long ago that we found out that the game was coming and it was a total surprise. A mature first person shooter for Nintendo Switch?! Wow! And now Doom is out and I’ve played it. Is Doom a good game on the Nintendo Switch?

The Story

Doom’s story isn’t bad but its not that good either. The story really isn’t the point of the game though. There is a bit of a setup and a narrative as you go throughout Doom, but, basically, you’ll just find yourself wanting to shoot suff instead of watching any cutscenes. And thats ok, because Doom’s gameplay is really good.

Doom is fully featured first person shooter on the Nintendo Switch, with two single player modes and several multiplayer modes. A bit of warning though, Doom is a super intense game with a lot of violence and blood. It is meant for mature (adult) gamers only.

Single Player


The two single player modes in Doom are the Campaign mode and the Arcade mode.

In Campaign mode, there is a lot of intense action, neat rpg elements such as upgrading armor and weapons, and cool places to explore. And the places you visit are full of secrets! Doom really wants the player to explore every nook and cranny of its enviorments. The game rewards you for finding secrets and other things.

However, you can become lost at times in Doom’s environments. The 3D map for Doom is a bit confusing. The compass doesn’t help much either but when you keep exploring and investigate areas, you’ll eventually find out where to go next. It is too bad that the game doesn’t have a mini-map or more hints on where to go though. Otherwise, Doom’s Campaign mode is pretty cool.

That said, if you just want to go in and fight enemies and not worry about exploring or being interupted by cutscenes and dialogue, then Arcade Mode is for you! This mode is all about killing demons and getting the best score. The player will be rewarded with different points for different types of kills. This mode has all the fun of regular Doom single player with a little less frustration.

Of course, Doom’s single player modes are only the tip of the iceberg. The game’s multiplayer is really where you’ll have the most fun.



The single player modes are cool but Doom fans will want to spend hours upon hours with the multiplayer. Its amazing that you can play the online multiplayer modes on your TV and in handheld mode! The multiplayer works great either way.

There are ton of different multiplayer modes to choose from. Free-for-All will let you go kill anybody you want and its a ton of fun. There are modes for beginner, the hardcore, and people who just want to team up!  No matter the mode you pick, you’ll level up your character and unlock more customization like outfits, runes, weapons, and more.

The multiplayer is pretty great. It even runs really well and this reviewer never experienced any disconnects during battle. There were a couple times when players couldn’t be connected to each other from the start, but no major issues overall with the multiplayer. First person shooter fans will have a lot fun with both the single player and multiplayer. Thankfully, Doom has great controls to go with its wonderful gameplay.

The Controls

If you’ve ever played a first person shooter before, then you should be pretty comfortable with Doom’s controls. The analog and button controls work a lot like other first person shooters out there.

There is no motion control for aiming and firing though, which is a shame, however you can use motion control to hit your weapon against enemies and initiate the gore kills. If you don’t want to use motion controls, pressing down on the right analog stick works fine too.

Doom doesn’t have any touch screen controls at all and thats fine. In the end, most players will either play Doom in handheld mode or with a Pro controller. Doom’s controls are definitly good no matter how you play it.

Doom is pretty cool overall. Its amazing that this game was ported to the Nintendo Switch and that it works so well on the TV and in handheld mode. It looks great in both modes too!

The Graphics


Doom is definitely one of the best looking games on the Nintendo Switch. The graphics especially pop when outside in bright environments but the game looks pretty good indoors too.

The enemies look good also but their design is pretty generic and so are the soliders that you fight during multiplayer mode. Despite the characters being generic though, the graphics in Doom are fantastic and the developer did a great job bringing this game to Nintendo Switch.

Meanwhile, the music in Doom is ranges from low key to very intense when enemies are out to get you. The music is very good in this game! Doom also has good voice acting and nice sound effects.

Doom is a really great game. If you are an adult and love the first person genre at all, you must play Doom!


Doom is a fantastic port for Nintendo Switch. We can only hope that all future third party ports are this good! So if you are an adult and you love first person shooters, you should definitely get this game. Doom can be pretty intense; it has a lot of violence and blood. We don’t usually see this kind of game on a Nintendo platform. If you want more of this type of game, then you need to buy Doom now!

Thanks to Bethesda for providing a review code of this game! Doom is currently available in retail stores and on the Nintendo Switch eShop.



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