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Earth Atlantis Review

Earth Atlantis

Release: October 5, 2017
Publisher: Headup Games
Developer: Pixel Perfex
Genre: Action, Adventure, Genres, Shooter, Switch Reviews


Excellent About Rating
9.0 - Gameplay
10 - Video

What do you get when you mix a “space shooter” with an undersea Metroidvania? If you answered Earth Atlantis, then you’re right! In this shooter, you control a submarine that investigates the ocean for monsters big and small. There’s a lot of shooting and a lot of exploration in this game too. Sounds like an interesting mix right? Well, you’ll just have to read my review to find out if I liked Earth Atlantis for the Nintendo Switch.

The story of Earth Atlantis is presented through text before you start the game and the area you are going into. I really wish Earth Atlantis had a cool cutscene that introduced it. The text presents a very interesting story that I think would’ve played out better in a brief cutscene or two. But Earth Atlantis is definitely much more interested in its gameplay than its story. So is Earth Atlantis a good game?


Earth Atlantis isn’t just a straightforward “space shooter”. Yes, there is a lot of shooting in this game, but Earth Atlantis also has a bit of Metroidvania in its blood.

The player controls a submarine in this game and the sub can go up, down, left, and right. The format of Earth Atlantis reminds me of Metroid or Castlevania, expect with a submarine instead of a person. The enemies in this game can be just as challenging as a Metroid or Castlevania game too.

The submarine will be going up against enemies big and small. The bosses in this game, especially, are pretty tough. You’ll collect powerups along the way that’ll help you against these enemies. The fights in this game get pretty crazy! Thankfully, Earth Atlantis has really good, accurate controls that make your struggle against the enemies and not the game’s design.

The best way to control the submarine in this game is via the L & R buttons on the joycons. The L will turn your ship and the R will fire. This is not the only way that you can control the submarine though. Earth Atlantis gives you a lot of options for controling the sub. Though, touch screen and motion control are not part of those options. However, Earth Atlantis does make great use of the Switch’s HD rumble. The rumble happens when you’re hit by enemies and also when you grab powerups. It really makes you feel more apart of Earth Atlantis world.

Earth Atlantis is a really fun game and it also a great looking too!


Earth Atlantis is a beautiful game. I can safely say that there is no other game on the Nintendo Switch that looks like this game! The style presented in this game is a unique black and white “drawn” artwork. Everything from the submarine you control to the enemies and the backgrounds are very detailed and really nice looking. Earth Atlantis looks great on the TV and on the Switch’s handheld screen.

As for the game’s music, its pretty good and I like how it changes depending on what you are doing in the game, such as fighting a boss or just exploring. Earth Atlantis sound effects are not bad but I do think they could have been a bit better.

Overall, Earth Atlantis is a really fun shooter/Metroidvania and if you like either genre, you may want to check it out!


Earth Atlantis mixes two genres, “space shooter” and Metroidvania, to create a fun undersea adventure. Add to that beautiful graphics, accurate controls, and HD rumble and you get a very good game.

If you enjoy shooters and/or Metroidvanias, then I’d say check Earth Atlantis out. Somebody has to protect the future from robotic undersea creatures, why not you?

Thanks to Headup Games for providing a review copy of this game. Earth Atlantis is out now for the Nintendo Switch eshop!




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