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Quake Remaster Review

Quake Remaster

Quake remaster feat
Release: August 19, 2021
Publisher: Bethesda
Developer: id Software
Genre: Action, Co-op, Shooter, Switch Reviews


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There’s virtually nothing new left to say about Quake, one of the breakthrough titles that changed the gaming industry forever. Along with its predecessor Doom, Quake stands as one of the most inspirational games of all times.

It’s 3D rendering was way ahead of its time and arsenal of weapons, puzzles and level design hold up to this day. Quake truly is a classic, and it has been remastered with 1080p resolution support, enhanced models, dynamic lighting and so much more.

Quake remaster 1

The Quake remaster on Nintendo Switch also includes four expansion packs, the two originals as well as two developed by MachineGames – one of which is brand-new for this release. There has never been a better or more accessible time to either check out a classic for the first time, or dive back in to a childhood favourite. Everyone who knows Quake will remember that the multiplayer action is where its at, and the Quake remaster features local and online multiplayer and co-op modes, allowing you to bring back the glory of the LAN party.

Quake remaster 2

I must admit that I love seeing retro classics end up on modern consoles, and the Switch is the perfect platform for this. Its versatility is a perfect match to enjoying your favourite games whenever and wherever the mood strikes you. Also, as the resolutions are lower on these games, they don’t look quite as out of place graphically on the smaller screen of the Nintendo Switch when compared to a modern TV.

While it is quite evident by its graphics and gameplay that this game was made 25 years ago, its remaster does it justice without changing any of the core game that made Quake the icon that it remains to this day. This was clearly the best decision for this title as it allows fans new and old to momentarily transport themselves to an earlier time in gaming’s history where these graphics and worlds were the absolute pinnacle of what was available.

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It is easy for us to look back from where we are now and speculate on how far we’ve come, but we can never forget that without the pioneers and brilliant minds behind games like Quake, we wouldn’t have any of the games we enjoy today.

Quake is a classic game that has been given a respectful reinvigoration. This is the type of remaster that all games should hope for, and the perfect game to receive it. At just $9.99 USD, I cannot think of a good reason not to snag this game and spend a few hours living or reliving the gaming world of the past.

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